ETFE Business

It is a membrane material that can express a transparent and creative appearance on the roof and walls with a low carbon product that can be recycled 100%. Dongast Co., Ltd. is capable of collective work from ETFE membrane structure to engineering, production and construction all-in-one.

What is ETFE?

It is a membrane raw material, which is thermoplastic, fluorine-containing macromolecular material, consisting of 20% Ethylene and 75%Teflon.

Ethylene Tetra Fluoride Ethylene
  • Macromolecular material

    Thermoplastic, Fluorine-containing, macromolecular material

  • Lowest transmittance

    Light transmission rate of ETFE from 40% up to 97%

  • Copolymers

    Copolymers of Ethylene-Teflon
    (Composed of 25% ethylene and 75% Teflon)

  • Extruded ultralight

    Regular thickness up to 50um and 300um, Ultra light

  • Exchange of TFE

    Made with, Ethylene tetra-fluoroethylene copolymer resin.

Special Features of ETFE

Dynamic Features

  • ·Ductility/malleability and Tensile Force : Excellent, Maximum 400%
  • ·Tensile Strength : 400Mpa
  • ·Tearing Strength : 40N/mm

Fire Proof

  • ·Flame retardant:German standard of DIN(level B1) Even though it is only 0.2mm in thickness, fire will not outburst.

Chemical Stability

  • ·It does not melted when exposed to Sulfuric Acid.
  • ·It is a proper material for permanent roofing structures as its
    expected life span is a minimum of 25~35 years
    under any kind of environmental conditions.

Sound Proof

  • ·Reverberation is satisfactory under audio frequencies of 500~2000Hz

Earthquake Proof

  • ·Compared to other structural materials, ETFE structure uses ultra light material, thereby reinforcing earthquake proof capacity.

Life Span

  • ·Life span of PTFE membrane material
    and ETFE membrane : over 30 years
  • ·Heat Resistance, weatherability, chemical resistance : Good
  • ·Initial characteristics of the material does
    not change over long-term use.

Flood performance

  • ·ETFE Flood performance from 35% up to 94%

Outstanding Model Effect

  • ·Uses unique and new flexible materials
  • ·Can make various forms and delicate curves
  • ·An absolutely new genre of architecture.

Local Reference

Oversea's Reference by Seele Covertex

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  • Masoala Rain Forrest

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